爆走黑料 College

An inclusive and transformative Marist community, inspiring one another to shape the future with audacity and hope.



The Student Representative Council is a group of students elected by their peers at 爆走黑料 College. Members of the council meet weekly to discuss current and relevant topics related to the school and their fellow students. They brainstorm ideas and create plans 鈥 and then work with 爆走黑料 College staff and leadership to bring their improvements and initiatives to life. The SRCs have recently led the following initiatives:


The Student Leadership Team in Year 12 consists of the following position:

  • College Captains
  • Boarding Captains
  • Mission Captains
  • Wellbeing Captains
  • House Captains
  • Academic Captains
  • 厂辫辞谤迟听颁补辫迟补颈苍蝉
  • Cultural Captains
  • Applied Learning Captains

The students in Year 11 engage with a series of Leadership formation sessions that strengthen their understanding of Christian Leadership, leading with a Marist Heart, leading from the front and among the team, and collaborative leadership.

"As a House Captain, I have been able to work with students, particularly our house SRC鈥檚 and fellow student leaders, to build upon student voice and assist in the voicing of any concerns/feedback for the betterment of the wider college community."
- Kaitlyn, Marcellin House Captain
"Within my SRC working party, we have established a connection between the Leadership team and the junior SRCs. By attending their meetings and having SRCs attend our meetings, we have constructed a stronger relationship between the younger leaders and Year 12 leaders and promoted their voice.
The Year 9 SRCs voice has been heard with the implementation of the High-Performance Netball subject, commencing in 2022."
- Natasha, Academic Captain


The Junior SRCs represent student voice across our college community. Each House selects representative students that work with senior leaders and school staff to enact celebratory events, build house spirit and encourage positive behaviours.