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game changers

Remar, the Marist Youth Ministry, is now called Game Changers.

Game Changers provides students with a platform for the further development, exploration and enactment of theirChristian faith.

Members enjoy personal and community growth through a supportive and giving environment, regular meetings and the opportunity for service.

The Game Changers program utilises three tracks – built off the idea of journeys – that relate to the stories of Jesus, Mary and St Marcellin. Students traverse these journeys throughout six year levels, spending two years on each track.

Participating students are able to attend events such as Regional Retreat Day, Twilight Retreat and the Marist Youth Gathering – a fantastic way to connect with like-minded peers.

Game Changers Tracks

Le Rosey

For students in years 7 and 8, the Le Rosey track is focused on the formation of identity and sense of community. This is achieved via the study and analysis of the stories that teach us about Jesus growing up in Nazareth and Marcellin’s youth in Le Rosey.

The Le Rosey track includes a service project within the school community.

La Valla

In years 9 and 10, the La Valla track provides students with a structure used to explore concepts of Christian leadership and service. Jesus’ ministry in Capernaum and Marcellin’s times in La Valla are studied to form a deep connection to these features of faith.

The La Valla track includes a service project within the greater community.


Senior students in years 11 and 12 focus on solidarity and vocation through the Hermitage track. The work of Marcellin and his early Brothers at the Hermitage are explored alongside stories of Jesus and his disciples in Jerusalem.

The Hermitage track includes a solidarity camp.